Dr. John Demartini”The Biggest SECRET Of The Rich”

1% or less make a financial indent.

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini: So that means 99% of people living in a delusion. And if you ask them, what are they going to do? If I gave $10 million, what would they do with their life? You ask her, what would they do if they had $10 million? They write down all the things they buy. That car, they buy that trip, they buy this. It was all consumers, all depreciable, all the value. As long as they spend their money on Depreciable 7 Super Bowls, they don’t have a real desire for the bullet.

They have to invest it and buy things that appreciate the values they want.

Dr. John Demartini

Well, first of all, you want to find out whatever you’ve done in your life, how it served you, how it served others, and clear out any shame that you and then you want to sit down and ask what is it that you’re going to do because you’re not going to get the wealthy list you serving.

You need to have a value on wealth because you don’t have the value of wealth to spend.

dr. john demartini

If you have more of a value on spinning it, than saving and investing it, it’s going to keep going out the window Cause the money circulates through the economy from those values, at least to those evaluate most of the time. She has to value wealth building more than spending. You have to value serving people more than just tape and you have to be able to be dedicated to something cool with your values, but you won’t stay with him. You won’t build momentum and perseverance towards an accomplishment, and people who have forced automatic savings in place and are willing to consistently study and research because they value wealth building.

Warren Buffett spent that way.

dr. john demartini

And last what happens is every human being lives by a set of priorities, a set of values Consider the most important to least support in their life whenever they set crucial goals, align with their highest values, they become the most powerful and effective people. They can pay. This is when they’re the most grateful, the most resilient.

This is when they’re most disciplined and most fulfilled in their life.

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Whenever they’re living by lower values and trying to inject the values of others or minimize themselves and live by lower value systems, they procrastinate, hesitate frustrated, they become might save victims of their history, not ******** of the decimal. So, you look at how people feel their space, you look at how they spend their time, and you look at what they are disciplined about. Focused on you, look at where they’re most organized.

You look at where they spend the most money.

The Biggest SECRET Of The Rich

That is in line with what they’re creating, looks at what they’re inspired by, what their goals are, and what they love learning. If you look and find the common threads to those questions. It’ll narrow down to what you’re dedicated to and what you spontaneously can’t wait to get up some morning to do any individual that is setting goals, and intentions that are congruent to align with the highest values they have the highest probability of being spontaneously inspired in the morning to get up and do it. So, if you have an entrepreneur that’s working in a business and they found what is most meaningful to them.

They have found the tap dance to work energy.

dr john demartini quotes

They put warn Buffett describes as a bill Pollock, who owns Great Corporation, told me. He says since 1951 since I found out what I love doing, I’ve never worked a day since. Now, in addition to that, an entrepreneur also has to find out what their targeted markets’ highest values are to make sure that they’re providing a service that meets those specific needs. So, determining your values and determining other people’s values that you want to serve is an essential component because you’re here to be able to find something that serves other people, but it’s also meaningful to you if you find those two, you’ve got your niche.

Now you’ve got exactly what you would love to get up in the morning.

The Biggest SECRET Of The Rich

And do you get to go and do what exactly people want and you get to fulfill them? Right. Because everybody has a set of priorities, a set of values in their life. When you go down the list of values to lower values, you’re less inspired and less fulfilled. By doing it, you procrastinate and doing it. And what happens is you only do them if it’s pleasureful and if it’s not, you’ll give up. So, it’s the key is to make sure that everything you do is the highest priority.

The thing is most meaningful to you. So, you don’t give up

5 things you must know to achieve incredible success - dr. john demartini

You have the resilience and you erase pain and pleasure to pursue a great purpose. If you are not living by your highest values because you’re willing to do it with pleasure only and you want to give up on its pain, you’ll need motivation all the time. The difference between inspiration, which is from within people who are inspired from within and living by their highest values, and people that need motivation. Coupled out or people that have been found that high spider living by their values and they need constant incentives and motivation and only pleasure to keep going.

I’m not a motivational speaker and I don’t promote innovation Because I think motivation is simply more than a solution. The animal is always having an impulse for that which is prayer and pleasure and an instinct away from that which is painted pregnant. So, our animal nature needs motivation. But our truest nature, our human nature, the one that activates that Ellen settlement in the brain, the executive centers of the brain, which allows you to be an executive and leader in the world, transcends this pain, pleasure, amygdala reaction of the lower animal, and within it. It allows us to function from an inner core mission and transcends that allows us to be able to embrace pain, pleasure, support, challenges, and difficulties.

Any commentary pair of opposites that you face along the way you turn into on the way you expected to float across the between two buildings. That’s an unrealistic expectation, or if you’re expecting yourself to do something that’s truly not high on your values and not meant to build an end to give up or expecting some other human being to do something that doesn’t abide by the laws of the universe or expecting them to live. Outside their values, because every human being makes decisions according to what will give them the greatest advantage of participating British. Whatever risk to their highest values. So, if you expect yourself to do something not meaningful to you, it sounds like a neat win, but it’s not you. You’re going to end up self-defeating and end up with the ABCD and negativity, internal anger and aggression, internal blame, and feelings of betrayal. Internal criticism and challenge, internal despondency, despair, depression, and these Navy CDs and negativity that you internally have, which some people call negative, self-talk and negative self-behavior is a feedback mechanism to make sure we’re setting realistic expectations that are aligned with our values.

And we know that it’s real. If we can see it in our mind’s eye, we see the strategy. We know the action steps and it’s obtained. Those are the keys. When you do, you have realistic expectations. You keep showing effort and evidence of manifesting what you wanted. Emphasis. But why is this thing to do start with simple goals that you achieve and train yourself to do what you say? If you train yourself to do what you say, your piggy banks become piggy banks. Your little actions have become a big dream. And if you live a congruent Lee with your highest values, you have the highest probability of achievement and you won’t give up on your goals. So, if you set correct goals that are truly meaningful to you, and you start chunking them down into small enough bites, you just keep doing things and keep rewarding yourself by accomplishing immediate steps, you’ll end up manifesting things Because you just strategize your way to the bigger game. So, I would say that if you chunk the big project down into small bites and they’re down to everything that’s within a time horizon and within your vision to see it do. You’ll get it.

 You just stay with it long enough.

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If you stay persevered towards an objective, then exemplify action every day towards your objective. Sooner or later, everybody else kind of dies out here at the top. You just got to stay with me. Will procrastination be the result of three primary things? It’s an unclear Vision. It is a nun-chunked Vision Avenger taking on too big a chunk without bringing it down to smaller bites. You go and get it done and it’s not linked to your highest values. If you take the objective that you have you make sure it is abide by the laws of the universe and is doable. You make sure it matches your highest value, so it’s linked and the way you can get is if you can rattle off the reasons why you can do it. How did you fulfill your mission? Fluently. But if you’re fluent, you’re congruent

. Then you make sure it’s chunked out into small action stuff you can do, and you micromanage until you’ve proven you can macrame. I mean, you do it in small baby steps every single day. If I do this, I’m one step closer. I do this the next day. I do it much step closer, break it down into such small by the entrance. You won’t crash that procrastinate.

Procrastinate means cash. That means it means cash.

dr. john demartini values determination worksheet

They mean that you can chunk. Unlinked it and done. Clarified it. I think that people who think they’re going to be possible the timer delusion. There’s like a magnet. It has two sides and you have two sides. And the more you set up a fantasy that has only one side, the more you get. Doesn’t ask when it doesn’t match your fantasy. So, I’m a realistic guide. Since real goals are in real-time with a balanced orientation. And I keep doing that. Setting up finishing that thing up fantasies and then having nightmares so I’m not positive thinking like I’m a balanced thinking guy.

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When people are down you need positive thinking

dr. john demartini values determination worksheet

But when you’re up and you’re fantasizing and setting up fantasies and pies in the skies and you need some critical thinking to be able to put you back into reality. So, I’m a believer in both sides. And so, what I did is I did several steps, one of them. At the end of the day, I would stop and if I had this super high day, I thought I’d done something. It was puffed up and kind of proud. I asked who did I forget to serve today? Who did I not call?I would ask questions that learn to self and govern myself back down in the center. And if I had a load date, I thought wow, what a crazy day I would ask.

What did I accomplish? Who did I serve? What names did I remember?

The Biggest SECRET Of The Rich

It increases the association’s opportunities in alignment with greater opportunities in business. I made sure that I focused on the priorities each day, delegating lower priority things regularly Cause if I was going to do low pretty things, that’s going to keep me in a little party position.

You’re doing what you love.

The Biggest SECRET Of The Rich

You’re doing what you love. It was it, Peter Lynch, in his one-up on Wall Street back in the 90s, he said. If they’re grateful for your job, if you love what you’re doing, you’re inspired by the vision and your doozy. Ask Lee working that company is going up in value. And you’re going to buy stock, buy stock. You visited the company and see those four things. If those four things are in place, the company’s going to go up. And that is. That’s four things that exemplify what’s possible. And draw magnetically charismatically people to people who are doing those four things. A company can’t grow without those four things.  

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