What is Majestic Coin?

About Majestic Coin

What is Majestic Coin?

Majestic Coin is the future of currency. It’s backed by physical assets that transcend all of fiat history, whether it be in certain countries, or transecting freely from banking oversight. It’s not a speculative coin for investing; rather, it’s designed to be the currency for daily spending.

The Vault

Majestic Coin

The Majestic Coin is a cryptocurrency created by hard assets, specifically mineral-rich land. Instead of hoarding all of our wealth in physical property and doing nothing good with it, we decided to share the wealth with people by creating a one-of-a kind currency.

Stake and Rake

Majestic Coin

With the Majestic Wallet, you have complete freedom from the current banking system. We are putting all the power into your hands with the Majestic Wallet. You can now store more than 60 different cryptocurrency including the Majestic Coin.

Visa Debit Card

Majestic Coin

Your money is only good for so much. You can spend it on goods and services or you can save it. But the best way to make your hard-earned cash work harder is with Majestic Wallet’s staking feature. Simple in concept, staking allows people to hold their crypto assets for a set period of time and earn interest while they wait to use them. So instead of just holding your money in Majestic Wallet as you would a savings account, you can stake them and earn rewards in the process! Everybody likes more money right?

Coin Distribution

Majestic Coin

Public Sale: 40%
Founders & Team: 30%
Public PreSale: 10%
Strategic Partnerships: 5%
Bounties: 5%
Private Sale: 5%

Frequently Asked Questions

1:What is Majestic Coin?

Majestic Coin is an asset backed coin aimed to be an everyday utility token in real world scenarios.

2:How does Majestic Coin differ from other currencies?

Majestic Coin is different because it is a crypto deflationary coin backed by real world assets. Each Majestic Coin is backed by real world value, thus making Majestic Coin a true world currency.

3:What is maximum supply of Majestic Coin?

The maximum supply of Majestic Coin is 10,000,000,000 MJT

4:Will Majestic Coin mint more coins?

No. Majestic Coin has a fixed supply.

5:Will majestic coin burn tokens?

Yes, Majestic Coin has a periodic burn schedule that will help increase the value of the coin.


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